Artist Statement

My art focuses on the transformation of castaway materials into beautiful objects.  I want to surprise my viewers by showing that beauty can be found in the most unlikely of places.  I choose materials based on an instinctual feeling of familiarity.  Plastic bags and phone books are unremarkable, even repugnant, yet for me they speak to the common aspects of human experience.  Once I identify materials I want to work with I acquire them through various forms of “trash-picking” as well as donations, large and small.  I begin by deconstructing the objects I find and then I rebuild them using simple techniques derived from craft, trade and folk art like printing, dyeing, collage and sewing.  I keep my process intuitive by incorporating accidents and discoveries along the way.  Through material choices and working process I strive to elevate the humble into the majestic in order to give my viewers a glimpse of the strange and complex beauty intrinsic to all things.